Jul 04 2015

MetOcean Viewer


MetOcean Viewer MetOcean Viewer has been designed as a quick way to understand and explore modeling data in an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI). As it currently stands, it is primarily set up to read and process¬†ADCIRC modeling files, however, the internals of the code should be fairly extensible to nearly any format. …

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Jun 14 2014

Getting Started with Time Varying Weirs in ADCIRC

Time Varying Weirs

Before we get started, it is important to note that the version of the ADCIRC code that contains these features is currently only available to the model developers. Before these functions become part of the standard release version of ADCIRC, it is imperative that vigorous testing is performed. Currently, the dynamic boundary features are scheduled …

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Jun 14 2014

Real-Time Forecasting and Visualization of Hurricane Waves and Storm Surge Using SWAN+ADCIRC and FigureGen


Storm surge due to hurricanes and tropical storms can result in significant loss of life, property damage, and long-term damage to coastal ecosystems and landscapes. Computer modeling of storm surge is useful for two primary purposes: forecasting of storm impacts for response planning, particularly the evacuation of vulnerable coastal populations; and hindcasting of storms for …

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